A new step into my carrer an Russian culture

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First of all, I was travelling to Russia, with a work and travel visa. My plan was to travel for two months accross the country to the Lake Baïkal, than work for two months in Saint Peterburg.
Actually I was looking for a job a an internship while I was on my road to Baïkal, but it was not really successfull, and I never received any answer to my email. I was almost arrived to Baïkal, when I found the company on Facebook, so I decided to send an email, and ask if they would be able to find an intership for me very quickly, as I was soon coming back to Peterburg.
They always responded rapidly and everything was explained very clearly.
Actually I was not really optimistic : first of all, I had not a lot of time to find something, and moreover I have experience and wanted to work in the wine field.... which is not very common in Russia!
I was amazed becaused they managed to find an internship within a few days (less than 2 weeks if I remember well), and an intership than matched perfectly all my wishes : working in the wine business or sommelerie.
So this was my internship : I worked as "assistant sommelier" in a company that is at the same time a wine school, and a wine shop. My main tasks were to organize and run a lecture about Bordeaux wines and organize a tour in the Bordeaux's vineyards.
What a pleasure to know that I would be able to share my knowledge and passion about wine with Russian people, as well as improving my Russian language!
Also, in the company they oragnized several times in a week some tasting lessons, and I was authorized to participate, I that was a great opportunity to learn more about wine.

Also about ProfIntern, they didn't only managed to find internship to students, they also organize meetings and activities with everybody, and always try to show us the best places of the city, and immerse us in the Russian culture. I discover the concept of anticafe, and I remember how we had fun at the ice ring with students from Belgium, France, and Portugal.

As a conclusion, after the lecture that I had to run, I became more self confident and decided to open my own company. That was a project for the future, but I think that I can do that now... I always wanted to open a wine tourism company. So what a great opportunity to experiment this with Russian tourists, as one of my mission was to organize a nice trip for them !

And also I really hope to come back soon, and meet ProfIntern team again!

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