I would highly recommend CELTA

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 8
Academic Rigor: 10
Job Assistance: 10

Even though I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and I have thought English for many years in my home country Libya, I had certain specific doubts about ELT. So for many years, I wanted to join an international standard teacher training program to teach English. CELTA at EF Quito was the best opportunity I could ever get since I have recently moved to Ecuador.
The course was slightly challenging for me as a non-native speaker. However, English language teaching is my life and people at EF were very friendly and were ready to help at any time.
Nicola and Ceri were our tutors. Their input sessions were very useful, that helped me adopt the best ways of teaching and create a student-centered classroom approach rather than using the lecture method which is more teacher-centered. This changed my teaching approach. I have also learned how to include activities in my class.
I stayed with an Ecuadorian Family who was amazing. They provided me with good quality meals and were very near to the course center it was very easy to access. They were perfect hosts.
My classmates were from different continents and I had to teach local students from different parts of Ecuador during my teaching practice. So I met different people and learned many things from my colleagues and students. This helped me gain the confidence I needed to pursue my professional international teaching career. I am currently employed by a reputable school in Quito.
I would highly recommend CELTA, my best advice would be just spending a good time preparing before the course starts, delve into the online methodology books that will be provided to you when you register and brush up on grammar. All the hard work will be worth it; when you stand in front of your class. I have completely changed as a teacher. I think this course was amazingly designed to manage the class, the time, the students, the material and prepare teachers to develop their creativity in the classroom.

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Yes, I would
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