A program for kids, not volunteers!

Impact: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 8
Safety: 9

I was chock when I learn that I had to pay to volunteer. I mean, I'm giving my time and I have to give my money. As soon as I meet the kids, the teachers and I spoke to the leader of the center, I understood, the meaning of my donation, I understood that it was the food, the painting and the pens for these kids.
We are living in a guesthouse near the beach. Sihanoukville is the party place of Cambodia and it can be a little depressing to see all the painted drunk people walking in the street. That was my "bummer". I wanted to know Khmer people, not to party with tourists. The center was the reason to stay happy.
Volunteers are here for the kids, they have to come up with activities, teach and make sure that the children evolve in a learning structure, more than in a "it's all about pleasure". Don't read me wrong, they have fun, but they also have moments when they work, when we used of discipline.
During a day, I could give an art and craft lesson, play volley ball, teach English, teach computer, teach photoshop, play soccer, serve lunch. Our days were exhausting, but rewarding. Nothing is worth a smile, a laugh or just a thank you.
There are some pictures :pvfoisy.imgur.com
If you commit to this experience, I must give you one advice: give the best of you from the start. Time will go faster than you ever experienced.
(I recommend this program to everyone I meet that could fit in this art/teaching/sport/fun environment)

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