CIEE Tokyo Program

Academics: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

Throughout the application process to CIEE's program, every question I had was either followed by a rapid email reply, or a phone call. The longest I ever waited for a response was when my flight was delayed on the way to Tokyo, and I couldn't check my emails on the plane.
One major thing that I had worried about while studying abroad was financials, and CIEE made sure to sponsor multiple excursions, adventures, and activities for its students. These excursions include going to Hiroshima and Miyajima, touring Kamakura, going to Sumo, getting tickets to museums, and much more! Furthermore, I was able to experience multiple cultural day trips, and be reimbursed after. Not only does this help save money for the students, but it allowed us to go on twice the amount of adventures that we normally may have!
Something that future participants should know is that if you're at any time feeling stressed out, or just need someone to talk to, CIEE has an office that is conveniently located on the Sophia campus that you can relax in any time between 10 and 5. Even if you just go to the office for a quick lunchtime snack, you'll be sure to leave in a happier mood then when you came. Talking to the CIEE staff is like talking to a friend. Be it movies or places to go, the office staff will help you out.
From my time in this program, I have gained a large support network, ideas for future jobs, and have met some highly influential people that I can call my friends. Everyone in the program has a unique background, and this really helps to create an ongoing network.
TLDR: If you wish to have fun, learn a lot, meet people, and make amazing memories, apply to CIEE's Tokyo program.

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Yes, I would
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