Celas Maya is AMAZING

Instruction: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Value: 5

I spent a total of 4+ months studying at Celas Maya over the course of the past year, and in that time the phenomenal teachers and staff were instrumental in bringing my Spanish level from basic conversation skills to a high-degree of mastery. I progressed far more than I initially imagined possible (and ended up passing the DELE C2 exam!!!), thanks in large part to the exceptional quality of the school overall, as well as the staff's willingness to tailor the learning experience to my specific needs and goals. I was often amazed by the passion and joy the teachers brought to every class, and by the attentiveness of the administration in ensuring a positive experience for every student. I am now confident communicating fluently in any context, and I often get mistaken for a Guatemalan over the phone!

In addition to providing an excellent study experience, Celas Maya hosts a warm, welcoming community and an environment that seamlessly blends fun, adventure, relaxation, learning, and cultural immersion. From salsa class, to volcano hikes, to visits to local communities, to sea turtle liberations, the daily activities the school offers are a perfect supplement to class time, and for me they formed an important part of the cultural learning experience

I highly recommend Celas Maya school for anyone looking to learn or improve their Spanish. It is a tremendous place to study and experience the beautiful country of Guatemala, regardless of your Spanish level or background. I hope to return soon!

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