Go To Viet Nam!

Academics: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

The experience that I had with CET in Viet Nam is one that I will never forget, without a doubt it has changed my life. The community based learning program is not a typical internship, it is physical service work in a small town in Viet Nam. The physical nature of it was fairly intense, but overcoming the struggle of the work together as a group made us that much closer. For a group of over twenty people everyone got along great and I consider each and everyone of them a great friend. The Vietnamese and American students didn't let culture or language get in the way of building lasting bonds and memories. Besides the work on building a basketball court we also taught language at a local school, and on weekends traveled together to beautiful places around the central region of the country. The program offered endless opportunities to immerse ourselves in the culture and language of central Viet Nam. My biggest takeaway from the program is that there are amazing people in the world who strive to make a difference, that there is hope for a better and more harmonious future for humanity. Do something out of the ordinary, GO TO VIET NAM!

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Yes, I would
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