Rikubetsu and Abashiri Adventures!

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Travelling in Hokkaido can sometimes be intimidating on a whole! Not being able to speak Japanese, trying to figure out confusing or inaccesable transportation, and preparing activities can be frustrating and confusing at times, but Travel Hokkaido saved us from our troubles!

As a backpacker I wanted to travel somewhere 'off the beaten path' and experience rural Hokkaido, and Travel Hokkaido gave me the opportunity to explore Rikubetsu and Abashiri, both being complete Hidden Gems.

The tour was a full two days, filled with fun, learning and lots of laughter, allowing me to explore new cultural and geographic avenues in Japan that you can't find or do anywhere else. The experience consisted of a local farm experience where we picked and learned about local produce, in which we barbecued later that night! We then explored Abashiri and made friends with the local Taiyaki vendor, savouring the delicious treat! The evening was filled with great conversation while barbecuing and eating our hard earned food, and magic when we dabbled with hand held hanabi (fireworks) at night!

The second day we visited the Abashiri Prison Museum, and even though it was raining, the experience was very fun and quite phenomenal. We learned lots on the history of Hokkaido and our Guide aided with the understanding of it's societal links to present day Japan.

And to add to all the benefits, the cost of the tour covered everything from all the yummy meals, transportation, knowledgable guides in both english and japanese, and the beautiful forest lodging we stayed at! Well worth the well priced cost, I felt like I got more than what my money was worth!

The tour all together left me with memories I will always cherish! Thanks so much Peta and Travel Hokkaido!

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