Costa Rica Spanish Classes

Instruction: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 4
Housing: 5
Value: 5

I was nervous to take some Spanish classes abroad, since I was going to be traveling by myself. After doing some reserach on Spanish immersion programs in Central America, I found Maximo Nivel. My University has a study abroad program in collaboration with Maximo Nivel, so I knew that if my University found value in sending students here, I would too. Maximo is great for students and professionals because through this institution, they arrange so much for you. I was so happy that through Maximo I found a host family that was amazing. My living conditions were great and I got to practice my Spanish in the household. Maximo is also right next to a travel agency, so it is very convinient to book trips or learn more about the different places in Costa Rica.

As far as my expereince in the classroom, I am beyond happy with how much my Spanish has improved. The class sizes are small, and depending on what time of year you travel, you may be the only one. I was with one other student for a majroity of my time here, but I ended up taking one week of solo lessons. The teaching staff here is expceptional. All of the educators are dedicated and extremely friendly. The class is modeled after a conversational style of learning, which is extremely helpful for learning everyday phrases, and holding your attention for a long period of time. I personally took 4 hour lessons each day, and I highly recommend this amount of instruction for anyone looking to vastly improve their Spanish.

The only downside to my expereince was that, at times, I was the only one in my class or host family. I think this was because I came here towards the end of summer. There were many families that traveled together, and they all seemed to have a great expereince. If you are looking for a solo adventure, this is a great institution to come to, as the staff is super friendly and there are a few outside activites they plan for free.

Overall, I am very greatful for my expereince here at Maximo, and although it can seem daunting to travel alone, I recommened this program to anyone interested!

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