Study in Tassie

Academics: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 4
Safety: 5

The exchange semester in Tasmania enlarge my life experience. The experience to study in another country with another education system was very interesting. UTAS is well organized and can always give you support, if you need it. UTAS has some special event all the time, they do free BBQ almost every Tuesday for lunch and sometime also for dinner. Hobart is a calm, nice little city. If you like the nature, Tasmania has a lot to offer. It’s not possible to see the hole island in one semester. There is a public transport between the city center and the University, but it is easier to walk. You need about 30 minutes to walk. On the way to the city center there is Center Sandy Bay where you can shop and eat.
The teachers at UTAS are very well. I study law and the law faculty is not too big, it is familiar. The teachers always answer your questions immediately. The law library is calm and has everything you need. I liked to study there a lot. They can’t offer your many courses. I was a little bit disappointed about the small number of different units.
My courses were well organized, and they gave the instruction for the course in the beginning and didn’t change during semester. During semester I did a lot of assignments, which I like to do. In the end you have an exam or take-home-exam which is not to stressful because you have already done so many assignments before.
The campus at Hobart is large. The infrastructure is sometimes a little old but still working. In the Moris Miller Library they have a lot of computer and printer to use.
UTAS offer a lot of sport programs. This clubs are very helpful to get in touch with people. I played Volleyball and joined the national tournament in Brisbane, this was great.
The only thing, what didn’t work well was the organization of an accommodation. I applied very early for a room and didn’t get a room. The problem was that all students must apply on an internet platform. I should have checked the platform every day, but I get the information that I would get an email. This was a misunderstanding, I didn’t get an email and miss the deadline to confirm the offering. I search for a temporary accommodation in Sandy Bay and found a shared house. The rent in Hobart is between 180 to 260 a week.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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