Different between EDUHK and University of Tasmania

Academics: 3
Support: 3
Fun: 3
Housing: 3
Safety: 5

The facility and surrounding environment of UTAS is similar to EDUHK. The campus is located in the edge of the Hobart city. It is similar to EDUHK which near the Tai Po city center. The height of building is also low (about 3 floor) in the main campus. The different structure of two college consists of that UTAS have many campus or researching and teaching building which located in different district, city, states and country. The geographic surrounding environment of two university is similar. They also is linked up with the city by houses but not building.

The learning environment of UTAS is unique because there have many international students with Australia students, especially locals (Tassies) . Most of Western student use a pen and a notebook to go an lesson, Eastern students use electronic device in contrast. Some of locals even don't have a smart phone and a Facebook account. It's really shock me. Most of courses contains 1 hour lecture and 1 hour non-lecture class (discussion, experiment or field trip) separately every week. It also allow me to have more chance to know this place and people. The shorter time in lesson let those contents more easy to remember and understand because it's more easy to focus the lesson in 1 hour rather than 3 hour class in EDUHK.

The student learning support is really wonderful here. There is PASS session in most course here, which contains Peer Assisting Study Session. Those sessions are directed by some students who have done a great job in this course before. They will design different activities to let us to understand and remember those contents in lectures. They will also give some tips about the examination too!!! That really help me to study those course more effective.

There is more society or hobby clubs in UTAS. However, the society and club's cheering is not exist here. Therefore, the atmosphere of joining society is not rich in UTAS.

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