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When I was choosing a study abroad program, I wanted to make sure that I felt like I had a support system while I was abroad. Since it was my first time leaving the country and I was doing it alone, I knew that I wasn't going to be as sure of myself as I usually am. The on sight support through AIFS is unimaginable and from the beginning until the end, I felt like I always had someone on my side. I felt safe to really explore and have the time of my life while also feeling like I was getting a school experience. It was an amazing experience. The faculty is well educated and also well versed in all of their perspective areas of study. Housing was very near central London, so you truly got the city experience. Traveling was easy and mostly inexpensive. Since everything with AIFS is all inclusive, you truly had the chance to use extra funds for school and things you wanted to do. I would recommend this program over and over again! Even after being home for a few months, I still feel so connected to AIFS and professionally prepared to graduate and talk about my study abroad experience to potential jobs.

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I truly think this program is great as is.
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Yes, I would
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