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Fun: 6
Value: 1
Safety: 10

My trip to the Blouberg clinic with the African Conservation Experience was very poor. There was both an opportunity to go and see a lion and a rhino during my stay which the team members couldn't be bothered taking us to. On top of this, the meals weren't all covered, the vets never explained what was happening (why we were doing certain things to the animals) and there were in total anywhere between 6 - 8 people sharing one, small 2 bedroom house and one bathroom.
I was lead on to believe that this would be a great adventure, that I would be 'kept on my toes' and was doing great work to help wild animals. All I saw on this trip were farm animals, far from what was promised, and the overall value of the trip was not acceptable. $4,300 and they couldn't even cover all meals.
DO NOT trust these people with your money, they are vultures.

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I'm not sure if you even take reviews for Blouberg clinic, even so, I feel obligated to not let people go through the same things I did. I had to listen to some people on the trip tell me that it put them off veterinary medicine altogether, it was so disappointing. For what I personally gave into the program, I expected a lot more. I sincerely hope that things change, and that, if somebody is able to, you make it clear on your website that this program is split into different groups - maybe even give people the opportunity to pick one when they're booking. One of the women attending my program was days away from making it a legal matter, and I will not be surprised if you get more of that over the years. Things have to change.