Study Abroad: More Than Study

Academics: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 8
Safety: 10

Studying abroad in Vienna was more than the classes and more than travel. It was rich with culture, language, and personal experiences. This program was a really great experience in a variety of ways. Built into IES's program is a unique independence. You are given the ability to live in the city, to roam freely, and experience firsthand the beauty around you. The independence also allows you to travel outside of Vienna, and even out of Austria through long weekends. I personally was able to visit Bratislava, Slovakia, and Procida and Naples, Italy. Others in my program where able to visit cities in Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, and more. Europe is a great location for quick and cheap travel between nations. Beyond independence, this trip provided a chance to meet students from all over the United States and to develop friendships that have lasted beyond returning to our home universities. Last, Vienna was so unique in its "cafe culture". Dozens of cafes existed in every district, each with their own unique style. My friends and I would sit at them for hours to do our school work or just relax and enjoy the city. I loved my study abroad experience this past summer.

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