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I came to Sadhana Forest Kenya after having spent a good amount of time at Sadhana Forest India. At this outpost about three hundred kilometers from Nairboi, (and about fifty kilometers from the nearest paved road or electrical grid), the spirit of service and eco-friendly living are every bit as alive and inspiring as in India.

Sadhana Forest Kenya is a volunteer community whose main goal is to establish food and water security in the Samburu region through planting local, indigenous, drought-resistant, food producing trees. Locals can come here for traning, and Sadhana Forest staff and volunteers also pay visits to homes, schools, churches, and so on in order to plant the trees raised in the nursery here.

Every aspect of life in Sadhana Forest Kenya is meant to compliment and contribute to the work - thus the solar and wind power, vegan kitchen, compost toilets, low-flow handwash stations, simple accommodation. If you have ever considered steering your life in a more eco-friendly direction, this is the place to see and feel these values in action.

Sadhana Forest Kenya also provides drinkable water and solar charging power for locals, which is crucial in an area with no electrical grid and frequently low water reserves.

Sadhana Forest Kenya also provides an opportunity to meet and work alongisde Samburu people; to live simply and close to nature; to create solid bonds with other volunteers; to enjoy top-quality sunrises and sunsets every day; and to see the stars and milky way at night.

Please visit, or even better, come stay! It's an amazing project, staffed by truly dedicated people, doing important work. My month here has been beautiful and I'm sure I'll be back again.

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