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My personal experience with TrekEpic was life-changing. It sounds exaggerated but it's true! I went on an initial trek with this group in 2014 and completed an advanced trek in 2016. I was unhappy at a job I was extremely successful in. TrekEpic guided me in the direction of my passion, where I am also exceling.

I met Andrew Bryan through my participation in TrekEpic. Andrew is one of the leaders of the Treks which are designed to support young adults on their path to self discovery. His years of experience enable him to share relevant knowledge and insight. Andrew gives tailored guidance and specific action items for you to take. He helps you put your skills, gifts, and strengths to practice. I see Andrew as a colleague and a mentor instead of "the leader from the treks I go on" (by the way, Andrew is also hilarious). In 2017 I reached out to Andrew because I needed guidance with a decision that would strongly impact my career. I am now living in Madrid, Spain and extremely grateful to have met a group of people that share the idea of life long learning.

Everyone, young and old, should explore the idea of a "core gift". It pushed me into the next level of personal and professional happiness.

What would you improve about this program?
We need a "super" advanced trek - so that I can go on a third :)
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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