My time in Kenya

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If you want your eyes opened and have a top experience this is the place to go, and Agape Volunteers was there to help at every step. I stayed in Kenya for just under a month - if it wasn't for the day job dragging me back I'd still be there. Wanting to do something a little different this year I set about searching the web for things too do - every site I went on seemed either really expensive for what you got or just too complicated to sort out. Luckily a friend had recommended Agape so I decided to book with them. Not a seasoned traveler I wasn't too confident in what I was doing - I considered trying to sort everything out myself and 'going alone' but looking back the facilities and guidance which were provided helped massively and I'm glad I booked via them.

I'd signed up for the teaching program, this involved going to a primary school and helping out. It's not like any school you'd see in the UK. The syllabus was pretty basic in some subjects, but in others I was surprised at how advanced it was. I'm positive I wasn't doing some of those maths equations till well into secondary school! (Don't worry if your education wasn't the best, I wouldn't say I excelled in maths but managed fine) I don't think you can get across in words the difference between schools in England and the ones in Kenya. Although basic, it works.

The children make the trip, very chatty. You could spend all day with them asking questions about where you come from, inquiring about different aspects of life elsewhere in the world. Children would come up to you in the street and say "Hi" just to get the opportunity to speak to someone from a different country. I also spent a week at one of the orphanages which again was amazing, I had the vision of a massive institution-style building which the kids would hate being at - I couldn't have been more wrong. It was basically a massive family which I was adopted by as soon as I arrived, straight away I was helping out cement there yard. Living with the children you get a real feel for life out there. Walking them to school in the morning past the fields was one of the best parts, seeing locals wandering about carrying out there daily routine. When you see pictures on the web and think, I wonder where that is, it looks amazing - that's your view everyday.

One thing I'm glad about was the ability to swap and change what I was doing. Although I was only there for around a month I fitted so much in. The fact I was on the teaching program but was also able to stay at the orphanage was great, in my opinion I fitted in double the experience. The safari is a must, and I'd recommend fitting in as many other excursions as possible. I had some spare money towards the end so mentioned to one of the Agape staff I wouldn't mind doing something, next day I was up a mountain. The relaxed way of life out there is something I'll always be jealous of.

The staff there are all really helpful and I cant thank them enough for the experience. I'm already considering volunteering again, and Agape will definitely be used if I do. Anyone wanting to do something a little different I'd recommend Kenya and using Agape.

What would you improve about this program?
I think slightly more communication from the staff on the ground would have been good at times, as it could be a bit disorganised, but this is very 'Kenyan',
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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