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Trek Epic is an organization that guides young adults through the process of self-discovery. The original template of Trek Epic focuses on a ten day walk in a European country, where you discover your core gift, self-reflect, and interact with a new group of peers, with the purpose of further understanding your path and your next steps in life. The Trek Epic Gap Year program is an extended version of this wonderful experience. I myself have participated in a Young Adult Trek and an Advanced Trek within less than a year. Both of my treks helped me dive deeper into understanding who I am and how I can use my core gift to help others. I have taken my own gap year, beginning with a trek in Italy in April of 2018, and feel that if I had completed my gap experience with a final trek, I would have had a complete program. The Gap Year program begins with an initial trek, then an individual gap experience, and ends with a closing trek, over a semester time period, and is the perfect gap year template for someone who is taking time to truly discover themselves and what they want to do next in their life. My own experience with Trek Epic has been life-changing, therefore I know the Trek Epic Gap Year will provide guidance from mentors, connection with peers, and an individual reflection and experience, for any young adult seeking an engaging gap semester program!

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