Volunteering with Underpriviledged Children

Impact: 10
Support: 8
Fun: 10
Value: 7
Safety: 9

I volunteered at the Quito Dump Daycare center, which was built for the children of the dump site workers. The facility is excellent. It's clean and bright. There is 1 teacher, 2 helpers and 1 cook. The cook is amazing. She makes a hearty soup and rice dish for lunch every day.

The children are 6months - 5 years of age and are divided into 3 age groups. I often started off the day by helping the workers feed the youngest children their daily milk. The children then split off into their appropriate age groups. The older children learn to count and read. The middle aged children (2-3 years old) often play with blocks, cars and dolls. The youngest children (under 2 years old) play with toys.

The best part of the day is just playing with the children. They love to cuddle and dance. If you go in with an open mind you'll have a great time!

Many afternoons are spent at the playground that is build on the dump site just for the children.

The staff don't speak much English but they do their best to let you know what needs to be done (take the children to the washroom, help feed them, etc.). They really appreciate it when you try and speak Spanish.

There's also a mobile medical clinic across the way. If you have a medical background the doctors there (they're an American couple) are quite keen to get you involved if you wish.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would