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Cacique [kəˈsēk]: a native chief or local political boss.
I will never forget waking up that morning in a sweat, knowing everyone was going to depend on me. The day my outlook on life changed forever. The day I was cacique.
There were fifteen roles for each of the fifteen girls on the trip to Latin America with me, varying from a cleaner to cacique. Cacique was the job every girl dreaded. Each of the fifteen girls had to be on task and punctual at all times, and if they were not, cacique was to blame. Cacique made the decisions for the whole group, and by the end of day, was the one girl everyone was sick and tired of.
I used to think of myself as the opposite of a leader. I believed I had good ideas, but I always kept them to myself to avoid any external conflict or confrontation. Being cacique for a day forced me to step out of my shell and make decisions for not only myself, but for girls that I cared for like family.
Although I had dreaded being cacique for days, once I asserted myself, my confidence grew. I voiced my once silent opinions and genuinely made a difference in the efficiency of our group. I realized that being a leader is not about silencing others, but rather representing them and being a role model for peers.

What would you improve about this program?
A bigger van for the thirteen girls on the long drive from Costa Rica to Panama.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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