Great immersive experience for a reasonable price

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I completed three different exchange programs with Cultural Homestay International that lasted 9 months in 2018. I started my experience living with a host family in Orleans, France from January-April. Then I moved to my second host family near Lyon, France from April-June. I had the opportunity to teach English to my host family during this time, and my hosts gained a lot of confidence speaking English with me on a daily basis. My final placement was at a farmstay in northern France from July-September. At the farmstay I helped produce dairy products and take care of animals.

The reason why I chose CHI is because I can live with host families so I get a real experience what it's really like to live in France. We eat, play, talk, and visit places together. During my time in France, I got to travel around and meet lots of interesting people. It was a truly fascinating experience! I've made many new friends and memories. Moreover, I can now speak French well. The program price was also very reasonable, considering that my room and all meals are covered.

I want to thank Heidi at CHI for placing me with nice host families and her support throughout my stay in France. I highly recommend this program to people looking for an immersive experience in a foreign culture!

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