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My experience was very unique and surprising for me. I got to work for an organization assisting the lives of a disadvantaged ethnitcy I had no awareness of. The cultural experience was probably intensified for me because I got an insight on so much more history with my placement. Being immersed in a different culture was already enough to contribute to my professional and personal growth but being exposed to this type of internship allowed me to always think on my toes and assess my strengths and weaknesses. The social activities provided by GE was probably one of my greatest highlights however, from the scenery to the social events I felt like I made a new home in Dublin. The location coordinator was always there when and if I needed her and she always made the events fun and included some extras that pertained to our interests. I even considered living abroad for a longer period and she directed me to the ways how. I felt completely safe in this program but not like I had a baby sitter. Would definitely recommend this program to anyone and even considering it again for myself.

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