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I decided to go to Nepal in a moment of crazed inspiration. This was the best decision ever.
As soon as we arrived in Nepal, we were immediately immersed in Nepali culture- just navigating the streets was the most incredible and mind-blowing experience. My entire travel group grew close together very quickly (I made friends I am still super close to to this day). After a few days of exploring the streets of Kathmandu, we began the service portion of the trip. I was incredibly nervous about this part because we would be interacting with a LOT of children, but it actually ended up my favorite part of the trip. We spent time playing (often terrifying) games and drawing animals and have incredible insightful conversations with the kids- I value this experience more than anything.
Doing construction for the schoolhouse was strenuous and difficult, but it might have been one of my most rewarding experiences ever- I now KNOW that I can push myself farther than I imagined.
We spent the rest of the trip exploring other parts of Nepal- these were some of the most exciting and rewarding days-- I grew so close to my group and was just constantly in awe with my surroundings. This trip was some of the most fun I've had, and I would highly recommend it to everyone (including people like me- people who are anxious and NOT adventurous- you will stretch yourself and it will be worth it).

What would you improve about this program?
The fact that we were not allowed in the other gender's rooms was sometimes frustrating because it would often be difficult for us to find a place where we could all be together during downtime (especially that wasn't in the direct heat). I understand the sentiment, but we were an older group of kids- we could have handled the responsibility. Additionally, I would've loved more free time to explore the area without as much of a structured program.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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Doing arts and crafts in the village schoolyard.
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