only a positive experience all around

Instruction: 5
Support: 5
Value: 5
Academic Rigor: 5
Job Assistance: 5

I completed the Celta Certification Course at Oxford House, (Narodni 25), in early November 2018. The course is intense and extremely helpful for either a beginning or experienced teacher. It is demanding and rewarding. It provides a solid foundation to either build confidence, or to add confidence, for any who take the course. The reason I am writing this review is because this particular school became very special to me because the teachers and staff who run the school are inordinately rare and they work extremely hard. They have a sincere kindness that provides support on days that were difficult and that lends an added warmth on days that were less so.
The staff who taught me were David Young, Šárka Císařovác, Sean Hayward, and Dan Baines. Even though we had only known each other four weeks, I genuinely missed them when I left because they were so hearted in their work, their crafts and their individual talents. Their criticism and feedback was direct, honest, and essential for understanding. Sometimes it was very hard to hear, but honesty is necessary for progress in learning. And they all have a good sense of humor that is most welcome to balance out the demands of the course. And their strong, detailed feedback and instrumental methods provide reverberating echoes in my mind which serve to help me daily in my teaching as useful and friendly reminders.
Rachel Williams is a teacher in the language school at Oxford house, and she works as a coordinator in the Celta course. She helped us with writing our CV’s and helped me find work right away after the course was completed. She gave advice regarding accommodation and answered many other questions about practicalities in Prague. She also set-up different programs after the school day was finished such as Jan Kalina’s informative and useful services in his company “Movetoprague.”
Sean, Dan, Rachel, Šárka, and David breathe a heartbeat into Oxford House and students feel it during, and long after the course has finished. I was not only taught much, I was nurtured and nourished in and through my learning due to their many supportive and encouraging spirits. I cannot recommend this place highly enough as it stands alone and apart from all other Celta certifying schools because of these unique people.

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Yes, I would
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