Very Poor Experience

Impact: 1
Support: 1
Fun: 6
Value: 1
Safety: 7

Very disappointed!

I came to Costa Rica for a volunteer program which is managed by the Maximo Nivel group here. My volunteer program consisted of eco agriculture in the Monteverde area specifically in a coffee farm.

When arriving in Costa Rica, the people of Maximo Nivel looked for us at the airport and took us to an orientation in the San Jose offices, everything seemed to be very good until the next day when they did not bother to look for us in the house where they gave us Lodging in San Jose and they told us to take a taxi to the highest level. Later that day before leaving for Monteverde in what we thought would be a private bus from Maximo or at least a bus accompanied by someone who is part of their team, turned out to be a public bus, without company or anyone, they simply left us in the bus stop (in the most dangerous area of ​​San Jose) and they left. This took me by surprise because we paid an extra cost because the location of the project was far and they had to cover the transport costs. Which were only $ 10 bus and $ 12 between 4 people from the Monteverde station to San Luis where the farm is!

Removing the lack of transparency and all the overwhelming complaints we have heard throughout our stay in Costa Rica as volunteers coming from other volunteers in different programs, I would like to share a little more of my reason for disappointment at this moment:
The family with whom we stayed in Monteverde, did not want our presence there, it was remarkable and in more than one opportunity was mentioned.

Maximo Nivel, shows a lot of incompetence by not being close to their volunteers, most of the days we did not have any signal because the family turned off the Wifi and the telephone signal did not reach the farm, on several occasions we had to walk 7Km to the town to contact our families! Thank God nothing happened that was emergency because we would not have done it! No signal or Wifi and the family outside the house!

I do not recommend this project in the least, or anything that has to do with these people. I feel stolen (sadly). If you want to travel to costa rica do it on your own, it will be much cheaper and probably better experience.

Would you recommend this program?
No, I would not
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