Study Abroad at Macquarie University

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Going on study abroad was an AMAZING experience, and I am so glad I took up the opportunity to study abroad.
Macquarie was a lovely uni to study at, and was so different to what I was used to at my home university - but that was part of the charm! Being able to wear flip flops and shorts to go into uni everyday was a novelty, and is something that cant be done in rainy Wales!
The academic facilities at the university were great - from all the study spaces, and the library and to the services offered by the university to new students and those from abroad.
The location of the university, and of the accommodation that I was in (Macquarie University Village) was so handy for both the station to go into the city, and to go into uni and to the facilities such as the pool and the gym, and also to go the Macquarie Centre. Having the gym and pool so close was great, and meant that I could go either before or after lectures.
The Macquarie Centre was very handy and so close by, and there didn't really seem to be anything that you couldn't get there! And along side restaurants, a cinema, a bowling alley and an ice rink, what more could you want!
With the university having a train station, you were able to get into the city in 45 mins - meaning that doing a bit of sightseeing around lectures was possible! And having a student OPAL card is a must - as it allows you travel on all forms of transport, buses, trains, ferries etc.
All in all, the experience of attending Macquarie University was AMAZING, and an experience that I shall never forget!

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