An Unsafe and Unhealthy Environment With Constant Fraudulence and Negligence

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The Kang Chiao Bilingual or Kangchiao International School has been featured in Taiwan’s media several times in the past three years. Once for illegally employing foreign teachers at an unlicensed kindergarten and apparently insisting they not be “dark skinned”, once when a former pupil threatened to commit a massacre at a Philadelphia school (and had made considerable preparations to do so), once when a foreign teacher tragically took their own life and once when linked to a tainted food product scandal.

There have been allegations of illegal drug use within the school community ignored by the school’s senior leadership, of cheating in examinations (some of it teacher assisted) and a police report was filed against former principal for verbally threatening a member of staff, trying to physically threaten said staff member via a proxy member of the school’s general affairs department and force that person to sign a resignation, thus incurring an illegal 30,000 NTD fine. CCTV footage of this incident exists and is apparently not the first time they engaged in such criminal activity.

The institute itself, I have had it on good advice, is still in a state of chaos, with pupils running amok and verbally abusing staff without fear of sanction, thanks to poor leadership and an extraordinarily high staff turnover. Theft of wages still occurs and lax educational standards without any safeguards or oversight persist.

This racism, abuse and fraud is openly condoned by The New Taipei City Department of Labour - who couldn’t be bothered to even investigate serious claims of employee abuse, The New Taipei City Ministry of Education - who couldn’t adequately inspect the school due to a pitiful and lazy culture of excuses, The New Taipei City Foreign Affairs Police - who could not correctly collect witness statements, The International Baccalaureate Organisation - who accredit the school despite repeated violations of their examination regulations and The Western Association of Schools and Colleges - who would in all likelihood give full accreditation to my neighbor’s basement meth lab if I gave them a fat enough fee.

In summary, your children are not safe there. Your teaching staff are not safe there. The school should be properly inspected and measures implemented.

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