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Benefits: 9
Support: 7
Fun: 9
Facilities: 8
Safety: 10

I've lived abroad in other countries, but this has been one of the best experiences abroad! From the community to the students to my host family, I am so glad I chose to do this program. I applied very late (the day of the deadline) and the staff was communicative and helpful! The orientation in Spain was thorough, and I'm glad I was able to meet the other participants. I volunteer at a high school and everyone there is extremely kind and welcoming. I do recommend this program for those who are pretty independent or have some travel experience, though. You only work 12 hours a week and can easily travel on the weekends! Last weekend, I went to Salamanca (such a beautiful city)! Also, while it's not required to participate, definitely practice your Spanish beforehand. Overall, I recommend.

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