Life Changing Experience!

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 10

I participated in my first Live Different build at the age of 14 and the experience was so eye opening and educational it changed my life. I remember getting off the plane that July in 2010 and not knowing too much about what I was getting into, where I was going, and the impact this trip was going to have on my life.

After a few days of getting used to our accommodations, we got to work. We began building a home for a wonderful lady named Mystica. The construction work consisted of mixing bags of cement with rocks and sand, stacking bricks, and tying rebar. With plenty of opportunities to take a break, get to know the community, and enjoy the experience. The community we worked in was very accepting to all of the volunteers and treated everyone exceptionally.

Our final day in the community we presented Mystica with her brand new concrete, sturdy, and safe house that she would be proud to call her own. I've often said to my friends that the hug and thank you received on house dedication days are most powerful and heartwarming exchanges of humanity I've ever experienced.

Since my first build in 2010 I have completed 3 more and am planning on going back for my 5th in the summer of 2019. The experience never changes and holds a special place in my heart. You will not regret going on a Live Different Build!!

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