Parent Perspective

Program Selection: 10
Pre-departure Help: 10
In-program Support: 9
Impact on Student: 10
Value: 10

My daughter participated in the Amigos de las Americas program as a senior in high school. She went to Paraguay for six weeks to be fully immersed in a new culture and gain knowledge about the world. The local training for months prior helped her to feel more confident about what she might experience once in Latin America. She ended up having a health issue and returned home early from the program. The level of health and safety in place through Amigos was stellar. As a parent I am now fully invested in the program because of how this situation was addressed. I feel 100% confident sending local youth through the Amigos program. I have stayed very involved with the organization for the past 8 years and see this as a top program in the US! Amigos is an experience than will impact youth for years after they participate.

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