Comments on TEFL course

Instruction: 7
Support: 10
Value: 5
Academic Rigor: 8
Job Assistance: 1

The impression of OISE left only positive one. They reply on questions asked promptly and clear.
In general with the course, the experience has been more then good but not great.
From bright side the program has excellent study materials, I really proved my knowledge, got more confidence and made my outlook wider! That's what I am grateful for!
On another hand, course has 120 hours which has two sections, 100 hours of ground knowledge and 20 of chosen specialty. The thing is, that after some lesson (I would say roughly after 60th hour) the materials are repeating itself, it is boring. The materials have identical meaning but presented in different ways. I have got an expression that those materials made to fill up the required 100 hours. The 20 hours of chosen specialty has its advantages of being short and clear on the subject.

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