Excellent Training for Language Teachers

Instruction: 9
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 8
Job Assistance: 8

I have taken numerous online courses over the years, but I have no problem rating this course the best so far. The lessons were well organised and covered a lot of material (history of language, teaching theory, fundamentals of language/grammar). I wasn't expecting such an abundance of material, but know that it's necessary in order for language teachers to perform at their best in the classroom.

I liked the combination of visuals and audio components (PowerPoint, YouTube). The personal anecdotes that the professors and teachers shared helped me to understand the options that seasoned teachers have used when dealing with classroom issues and/or learning issues.

The reflections journals, quizzes and unit tests gave me the feedback I needed on an ongoing (and immediate) basis so that I could review and feel confident with my grasp of the materials.

I would strongly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in having a thorough knowledge base going into the classroom. It's a great confidence builder for new teachers.

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By far the best online course I have taken. It was challenging, informative and seamless. Obviously a lot of thought went into creating such a thorough program. I look forward to taking further teaching electives through OISE.
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