An intense year packed with experiences and learnig lessons

Growth: 9
Support: 6
Fun: 9
Housing: 10
Safety: 9

Going to High School while sailing on an old and Beautiful tallship that was built in 1973?!
I think it is just amazing. Honestly Nothing can ever compare to it. It is for sure tough but for me it was perfect. I definetely is not for everyone, you will get your Limits and exceed them. You will get to now people you wouldn't have otherwise and you will get to know them in a way you would not otherwise.

It is all very Special and different learning Environment. Not what one is used to from usual School. We climbed up the mast about everyday and stowed sails. We braced the ship so it would sail faster and we cleande a whoooole lot. Every single day about an hour in the day time and then for a certain period of time we cleaned the toilets for another hour in the night. The rules are very strict on the ship and sometimes you feel like you do something for no reason. But it is usally to keep the structure.
you will also see Dolphins playing at the bowsprit and other amazing creatures will pass your way.

School will most likely become not the highes priority, but learing from the world. Hopefully understanding the bigger picture and feeling an Empowerment through an amazingy special community. Work hard Play hard or in sailors words: sail fast live slow.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed