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Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

I joined KU before extracurricular activities were known to the campus. The management supported us to the point we went from one small club to more than 15 clubs within one year, they guided us, encouraged us, and provided us with all we needed and more to have an exceptional university experience.
The instructors are excellent, they have the knowledge and they know how to deliver it to the students. Classes & labs are equipped with the latest technologies and are used efficiently.
The KU staff takes your interest, talents & hobbies into consideration & do all they can for you to grow & succeed doing the things you love.
Activities and events take place long the year, competitions are held for all sort of interests including photography, art, scientific topics, video games and more. You will have just the right balance between fun & studying, it'll keep your life busy & filled with joy.
To me personally I had the most fun of my life being a student there, I graduated with a bachelor's degree back in 2014 and then re-joined the uni as a master's student and graduated in 2016. If I'm given the option to do it all-over again I would go for it, no regrets!
KU is located in the United Arab Emirates, I'm not Emirati, and you may think this can be a problem but it's not. Everyone is so friendly (including students and the staff), they treat you like one of them regardless of your color, religion or nationality. The competition between students is high but healthy, they support each other while competing. Study-groups are very popular where the best students in the course hold sessions for anyone who's interested to join to review the course material and get ready for exams. Most submissions are team-work based, but here's the thing, even if you don't like working with teams, you'll be impressed by how good teamwork is in KU. For someone who enjoys working alone, I had the most fun being a part of a team throughout my academic years.
If you're looking for a university where you feel you belong, where your voice is heard, where your talents are considered a BIG thing, where you can have the fun of your life while pursuing a great degree, KU is the right choice for you.

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