CCPP - Amazing times... and keep coming back

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Value: 10
Safety: 9

I have volunteered several times in the past 2 years at CCPP and every time when I can return, it feels like coming back home.

I really like the general atmosphere, the enthusiasm and hard work both by the staff and the volunteers. The kids are full of joy, so eager to learn and try new things, games, activities, and they are always so grateful and excited when some old volunteer comes back again. The daily schedules are set up with a rotation of tasks and activities, so you may teach English in the morning, then help to serve lunch, and in the afternoon you may find yourself doing art lesson, cutting or repainting boards, or being on the truck on your way to a field trip with the kids – guaranteed that you get involved in everything and not get bored.

I have seen amazing improvements and new initatives in the past years – the project moved to a new campus, many new local employees have been hired, there is a nursery, regular English classes, computer rooms, morning yoga, dance lesson, talent shows – every volunteer can bring in something new and make a significant contribution to the improvement of the project and the kids’ life.

It is always very hard to leave this place at the end of my stay, but for me (and for many other volunteers) it is not a „good-bye”, but „see you later”.

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