Lifetime of Memories

Housing: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

It has been quite a journey! Choosing to come to New Zealand has been nothing short of amazing. Going through this program was the best way to do it ESPECIALLY doing the welcome week. I cant even believe I was debating doing it before coming because I would be having a totally different experience. The welcome week introduced me to 12 people in the same boat as me and we have been having an amazing time. All the experiences we’ve had together and still are. We are now a family and have been living together. The help and guidance from staff has been amazing and so helpful, I highly recommend! The service that has been provided is something that I’ve greatly appreciated. I had many questions before coming and everything always got answered right away.

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It was unfortunate that the original itinerary changed without any notification. Once sitting in orientation (even that was different) is when I saw all the changes. There was a few activities that was supposed to be included in the price I paid that were not and I had to pay additional money to do said activities. Such as the day trip to Cape Reigna and the sand dune surfing (an extra $120) also the itinerary said we were having a Maori cultural experience night that was taken off as well. We had a lot of free time while the itinerary had activities planned for everyday so that was disappointing. Having to pay even more after the already expensive welcome week is just rude and false advertisement.