The Pursuit of Active Sustainable Change and self-Discovery

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

From the moment I stepped foot on to the leaf covered, rich grounds of Iracambi there was an instant connection words could not explain even to this day. Inhaling a breath of fresh air had a new meaning as I was immediately greeted by Iracambi staff members with open arms. Everyday moving forward gave new meaning to adventure from harvesting coffee on an inclined hill with a beautiful sky view of the rainforest, to openly sharing life experiences with other volunteers and staff while planting avocados, to even dancing to different cultural music after a day in the agroforest. Iracambi makes it a point to be well-versed on their sustainability efforts in preserving and reforesting the Atlantic Rainforest with everyone on their staff being well informed on different projects going on as well as having a deep compassion for the NGO altogether! The food here is absolutely everything too - everyone plays their part in being the most conscientious of their actions so after every meal you can expect your viable leftovers to be placed into a pile to be made into compost! From the directors of the organization to the on site restaurant staff, volunteers and everyone in between the experience of Iracambi is one which gives you the most freedom to challenge your leadership and knowledge capacity about environmental sustainability and exponentiate your understanding of your impact.

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