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Instruction: 10
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Academic Rigor: 10
Job Assistance: 10

I am an elementary teacher in Oklahoma. We have a large population of ESL Spanish speaking students. I took this course mainly to figure out how I could help these student more with learning English. I gained a lot of insight and strategies through this course that I know will aid me in improving my ability to teach English to these students.
I loved that the course was online.
Because I live so far from any large cities, taking a TESOL class in person was out of the question. Uni-Prep Institute’s online course was exactly what I needed.
My future plans are to go abroad through IVHQ and teach English abroad. I’m looking first to going to Costa Rica in the Summer of 2020.
Additionally, I plan on volunteering to help the parents of my ESL students to learn English so that they can help their kids with school.

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