Vietnam north

Value: 8
Fun: 9
Staff: 10
Safety: 9
Organization: 9

Great mix of high and low Days. It’s good to have a mix of party and chill days. Transport can be rough sometimes because of the weather/humidity.
Side note miss ten homestay was very accommodating in Hoi An.
Papsii was the perfect tour guide always going above and beyond to make sure everyone got what they need and also very approachable.
Group get along really well and there was no animosity as the group got smaller.
Especially what was great were the cave tour where we went ziplining, caving in mud spa and kayaking. Maybe a little biased but as the inly man on the tour i had my own room for most of the tour was which great, even then the accomodation seem much better than what we'd get from hostels!
Overall great tour with excellent guide, people and feelings.

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