The most influential Summer of my life!

Academics: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

It's difficult to express how amazing this summer is by writing it all out. I'm usually better talking in person but here we go!

Jordan - specifically Amman - is a beautiful place. Thousands of years of culture and history found in one city is something beautiful. I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else to spend two months learning Arabic. From the city of Petra to the Mars-like desert of Wadi Rum to the ruins of old castles from the Umayyad era...what's not to love (and I haven't even mentioned the food)?

The best complement to exploring Jordan, broadening my cultural experience, and also learning a language starkly different from my own was the CET program. Hours of classroom instruction paired with real-life, on-the-street homework assignments meant that I was learning relevant material that actually helped and prepared me to live in Amman for two months, not just learning a weird jumble of vocabulary from Al-Kitaab that you can't really use on the streets. By the end of my time here I could successfully negotiate prices with butchers and vegetable sellers, to navigating "almost" flawlessly in another country, like Palestine. This was only because of CET, and how much effort they actually put in to not only the program itself, but also to you. They honestly care so much about your education that they were willing to work with you in any way necessary. If I was with any other program in Jordan, I am certain I wouldn't have learned as much.

Additionally, I've made lifelong friends here. Truly. Jordanians and Americans.

Thank you to everyone at CET in Amman, and if you're trying to learn Arabic, this is the place/program to do it!

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