Morocco & Spain

Housing: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

I have to say that this trip was honestly life changing. The three months just traveling, without phones, fully taking in the experience was amazing. I never really thought about Morocco or Spain until the trip. I had never really wanted to go to either of those places. But our time there has made me want to go back and re-explore the two nations.

In Morocco we wandered through the vast medinas, experienced the traditional foods and customs, learned the language, and brushed up on our bargaining skills. Everyday was something new. We were able to meet with incredible people, learning more about the country and about the culture. Other people have said they didn’t like the pace of the trip, but I can honestly say that I really enjoyed it. We traveled to several different cities from north to south, seeing the country from the sea, mountains, and desert. It was awesome.
My favorite part of the Morocco portion was probably Essaouria. And the amizmiz trek. Which was surprising, because I hate hiking. More than anything. In Essaouria we had a calm two days, relaxing in a beautiful beach town, shopping and enjoying ourselves. It’s on the coast, and truly beautiful. The amizmiz trek was great too. I think the main reason I liked it was because I accomplished something. We climbed a mountain. It was incredible.


Spain was great. Not as good as Morocco though. We had some time on the beach, learning Spanish, and that was fun and all, but the Camino was the main thing. The Camino at that time of year was beautiful. We were hiking a route that was hardly traveled, so we could really take in the beauty of the landscape. Some people in the group had mp3s, but I didn’t. I honestly think it made it better. I could just think, and walk. It was my favorite part of Spain.
In the future I would like to go back and walk the Camino again. In the grand scheme of things, we hiked a very small portion of it. I would like to do it for real.
The other thing I lived about Spain was when we were in the cities. We watched an amazing flamenco show, nearly cried, but didn’t. It was great. I also loved when we could walk by ourselves. I managed to visit 4 old cathedrals on one of our free days, and I just had a great time by myself.

Overall I loved the trip. I really did. I lived where we went, the people we met, and just the whole experience.

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