KICS- Christian Teachers Needed for 2019

Benefits: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 6
Facilities: 6
Safety: 7

Teaching to me is not just about earning money but impacting lives. I believe a teacher stands out as a top model in every society. This is because young learners in particular start building their carrier at an early developmental stage if chanced to be handled by a good teacher. My experience has been a unique one because teaching in secondary schools has been an opportunity for me to shape lives. My sense of both humor and seriousness made most of my students to be passionate about me. I always put in my best in everything i do. I feel satisfy an accomplished when i can deliver adequately with glaring results. It is this desire for impacting knowledge that has push me to enroll for a PHD research program. I think joining your program is an opportunity for me to learn and share knowledge.

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