10/10 Would Recommend

Academics: 5
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 7
Safety: 10

I'd wanted to go to New Zealand my entire life and I was able to through Arcadia and the Vic. The Arcadia program managers were amazing and fun to be with--very interesting and amazing people! I had decided to take easier classes while abroad because my credits with my home school gave me some wiggle room in what I had to achieve while I was there, which gave me more room to explore and experience all that Wellington had to offer.

Speaking of Wellington, it is an incredible city; I'd definitely consider living there for a period of time. It's extremely walkable and just fun to learn the ins and outs of. There are two farmer's markets every Sunday, one on the water front, which also has a bunch of food trucks, and another, slightly smaller but less busy one only a few blocks away! There is also a night market every Saturday night on Cuba Street off of Manners (at one of the food trucks we got 2 massive, delicious samosas for $6NZD, which is like $4USD--quite the bargain).

A few other Wellington highlights were the Botanical Gardens (the Botans) and Koha. The Botans are beautiful and free and just a great place to go hang out! Plus some glow worms live there so if you want to scout some out for free it's the place to do it, 100%. Koha (which means gift in Te Reo Maori) is a cafe super close to campus, on the way from the Hub to Kelburn park/field, which is within range of the campus wifi and has the sweetest staff. It is a Christian organization but you don't have to be Christian to go hang out there (I'm not lol). There you can get coffee, tea, hot cocoa, sometimes they have sweets, and you only pay what you can! You leave a 'koha' when you leave, so it's a very nice very affordable place for students to come and get some work done. Highly recommend it.

My last note would be that the trips that Arcadia takes you on are unbelievable. For one, orientation was a blast and a good way to get to know the people you'll be spending time with. Two, the weekend trip to Abel Tasman was a once in a lifetime experience and I appreciate that Arcadia added this to the group activities because I wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise. The scenery was beautiful and the hiking was amazing! Most of the students also got to go kayaking the last day there, which looked like a blast. I (unfortunately) had just gotten a wrist cast off and so could not participate in that.

10/10 experience! I already miss it and the people, though I know I made some life-long friends while I was there (sounds cheesy to say, I know, but it's 100% true... so... sorry for the cheese but it is one of the best foods.)

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