Volunteer Research Project with Sea Turtles in Malaysia

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LTTW is a fantastic organistion on the east coast of Malaysia doing some incredible work to help conserve the green and hawksbill turtle populations found there. They have several projects on the go, and I was based on Lang Tengah Island for 1 month with a group of fantastic humans.

If you like learning things and doing things, this is definitley a project to join. The main focus is on night patrols along nesting beaches to find nesting sea turtle mothers and monitoring the nests while the eggs are incubating. But there is so much more to do. During my time on the island we conducted regular shark surveys, constructed and cleaned coral nurseries, educated visitors and tourists, went on diving fish surveys, snorkeled everyday, went on jungle treks, built a recycling centre, performed reef clean-up dives, removed illegal fish traps from the ocean...

The camp itself is relatively basic, with no running water or electricity, but a fantastic view and living on the beach are definitely better than either of those things. Come along with a sense of adventure and be ready to learn about everything ocean and turtle. You won't regret it.

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