MUNICH 14-15 yo summer program

Instruction: 5
Support: 3
Fun: 8
Housing: 2
Value: 3

My daughter spent 4 weeks in Munich. Her host family was a 45 minute train ride to the class each day. I thought she would have a roommate in her age group and also assumed there would be more of a "part of the family" feel. She was in a home where the students were in and out, some staying only for days. My 14 roomed with an 18 yo for a few nights, sometimes there were male students in the home as well. No real family "feel". In fact when we came to the home to pick her up, gift in hand, we weren't even invited in! Instead we were asked to wait at the door and out came our daughter! During the evenings there was very little supervision, many of the 14 and 15 yos drank beer. In fact my daughter was given her first beer under EF's supervision! She also was "courted" by a few different boys and once again, much less supervision than I am accustomed to. Needless to say, things did not go well. One evening my daughter got on the wrong train going home from an unsupervised event, took the wrong train and was lost in the city. She lost her phone and borrowed a strangers phone to call for help. She got back at 2 am! When I needed to call the emergency didn't work! They apologized but the damage was already done. Mydaughter saw a lot of Munich, not sure how much language she learned, but she speaks more easily and quicker so I suppose she learned enough. I would NEVER go back to EF, as I am not comfortable with the oversight, and I would worry for the safety of my daughter

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