Semester in Florence: My Experience

Academics: 5
Support: 4
Fun: 4
Housing: 3
Safety: 4

My decision to study abroad was one of best I have ever made; I challenged my comfort zone, gained a global perspective and learned how to become truly independent. One of the biggest contributors to my success abroad was the support system I had from CIS. There were negative and positive aspects to this program, but overall I am very satisfied with my choice.

Molly Bond was a great asset to have during the application process and was able to answer all of my questions and concerns about my visa! I also appreciated that CIS met us at the airport when we first arrived in Italy and arranged transportation to our apartments as it helped make that overwhelming day easier.

I ended up falling in love with the city of Florence instantly. I lived less than a 10 minute walk away from the breathtaking Duomo and the view of the Arno River from my classroom was incredible! I was able to travel to a number of different countries in Europe and cities in Italy such as Rome, Venice, Milan, Sorrento and Pisa and was amazed at the differences between each region! I also made it a priority however to fall in love with my host city and explore as much of Florence as I could. Studying abroad was a life changing experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed