Human rights and law volunteering SA

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I have never experienced anything quite like this in my life! I went to the human rights and law volunteering in summer, 2018 and it's incredible how big of an impact those 2 weeks can have. As someone who had never been to africa before, let alone Cape Town, it was an opportunity to see the different lifestyles and cultures of a new country. What surprised me the most was the religious and cultural diversity in Cape Town. We stayed with a host family for the 2 weeks with around 10 other volunteers and occasionally had our meals together. During our time there, we went to court and witnessed a man on trial for a rape case, went into parliament, were separated into 2 groups and had to solve a real-life murder case which had happened a few years back, met some volunteers from another school and practiced debating with them, amongst many other things. These experiences were incredible and I am so lucky to have been able to practice skills like these which I know will be essential for my future. During our spare time, our supervisors took us to see the cultural sites of Cape Town including the table mountain, the gangster museum, the parliament, robben island, the water front, boulders beach, and muizenburg beach where we were taught how to surf. we also had volunteering days once a week. The first week we went to a primary school where there were about 30 children and cooked for them, painted the outside of the building as it was worn away and played, sang and danced with the kids. The following week was womens day, so we held an event for all women who were previously imprisoned and painted their nails, gave them hand massages, brought food for them . From these 2 weeks, I made friends for life who although I only knew for 2 weeks have become some of my closest friends. I have learnt so much from this experience and done things which could not be possible without this volunteering program and would without any hesitation, recommend this program to everyone, regardless of whether or not you want to study law in the future.

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