Once in a lifetime!!

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

We had the pleasure of staying on the beautiful island of Lang tenga for two weeks... where do I begin? WOW the island is breath taking some of the most beautiful untouched beaches in the world with hardly any tourists.

Camp life
LTTW camp life is very rustic but is all part of the charm and should never change !! The volunteers are given daily chores for example cooking or washing up raking the leaves out of camp or putting solar panels out to charge the lights for the evening. (Hardly chores but necessities for camp life). The sleeping arrangement is a little hut with camp beds and mozzie nets. I personally found the sleeping arrangements quite difficult as I have the biggest fear of spiders/bugs and once it’s dark I couldn’t see anything so we decided to sleep in D,coconuts just for peace of mind.

The turtle program
After an educational introduction into turtles on the first day we were told what was expected and how we will be helping to hopefully increase the population of turtles. Shocking to hear that only 1 in 1000 hatchlings only make it and due to humans and the ever growing environmental issues (pollution etc) this has now risen to 1 in 10,000!! This program has never been so important !!
Evening patrols were split between the group to search for mother turtles laying eggs. We were so lucky to witness lots of mothers coming up on multiple beaches to lay eggs. Our job was then to make sure the eggs were in a safe place so hatchlings have the best chance of survival and away from tourists etc.
The hatchlings.... we were so lucky to see two mass emerges of 122 and 72 hatchlings going in to the sea to start their journey in life!! It’s absolutely breath taking to see the little guys running into the sea!!

Free time
Around the island there are lots to do ... if you can dive the program has a brilliant relationship with summerbay who is a resort on the other side of the island and often go out diving every other day. You can also eat her and they sell the best pineapple rice and cheesecake!!
You can always go snorkelling!! There are so many fish to see and as soon as we arrived we got word of a baby whale shark close so we went straight out to find her !! There is also a coral program running with the turtle watch which I believe is equally as important after we heard a talk about coral and the eco systems that live with in a coral reef and it was so educational.
We were not really into snorkelling but we were very happy to chill in the sun and swim in the sea and never made to do anything we didn’t want too. There is also an epic cliff jump followed by a brill snorkelling point on the other side of the island!!

The staff
Camp leader Lou- what a brilliant leader... she was so welcoming and 100% team player making sure we made the most out of our two weeks. Always putting us first in regards to witnessing turtle experiences. Her knowledge on the ocean and animals in it is amazing!!

Jillian- you little charmer!! You had a brilliant way with the tourists that came to
Visit the camp and always provided laughs around the camp dinner table with your eye rolling and food groans when we cooked something tasty!!

Gil- my fellow pirate, thank you for calm free spirit always spotting the turtles coming out of the sea and your knowledge on the coral.

Alex- our NYC soul sister thank you for the endless giggles, drinks, 90s bands chats, also still can’t believe you slept with that big spider in your bed!! Your Knowledge on the reef was remarkable!! You and gill keep up the good work 🙌🏽.

Finally I would like to the thank LTTW for the once in a lifetime experiences which I will never forget !! I would 100% recommend this program to anyone there are so much more I could write about but the above is just an insight.

Thank you LTTW keep up the amazing work!!

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