Life Changing Experience!

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 8
Safety: 10

This course with Red Tree Study is fascinating. Learning about Colombia and its interesting history, with the top academics in the world on the subject lecturing, was a privilege. History, social science, law , and even the economy of the narcos industry are all things that you learn in entertaining lectures and visits. Bogota is an amazing place to explore and immerse yourself into the culture with it's excellent museums, great good stops and perhaps a few good bars to try... The campus in which you learn is in the Los Andes University which is a sight to behold. Built into the side of a mountain the modern, sleek design of the campus really added to the important content you were learning about. The skills learnt on this course are skills that I will cherish and use for the rest of my academic career and my life! What's also included is to actually see the peace process happen through visits to government to speak with officials to even meeting and listening to ex-combatants speak. This allows you to see history come to life and give you that feeling of reality which really aides your understanding of the conflict thus allowing you to really get to grips with the course content. Im so grateful to Red Tree Study to have been given the chance to go and I honestly had the best time meeting friendly, fun and interesting people.

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