Backroads of Southeast Asia with Rustic Pathways

Impact: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I had been looking at this trip for many years, it was always so intriguing to me as I have already, luckily, been able to explore many asian countries such as: Indonesia, Singapore, Mongolia, China etc. However, the prospect of being able to visit some of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia and the World in this case intrigued me greatly to this trip.
Backroads explores Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand, each country having its own quirks and qualities. On this trip we were able to truly experience some of the most rural villages where we were able to fully immerse ourselves into their culture. To me, it is greatly important that whilst in a new place, experiencing totally new things, my intentions are to experience every moment of every day to the absolute fullest, and this trip for sure allows you to do so.
Having visited Mongolia the year before (also with Rustic) I knew that to fully immerse myself I were to disconnect from my regular life as much as possible and this trip for sure allowed me to do so. There was always something to see or do, so I would highly recommend putting your phones down and just look and listen to what is going on around you because it is such a special experience.
Furthermore, on my trip we had the most amazing trip leaders, I will never forget how great they were. They allowed us to see and do as much as possible every day, as well as that, I have always found it interesting hearing about all the adventures my trip leaders have been on. This proves that you can honestly learn from every aspect of your Rustic Trip.
Overall, the trip was a once in a lifetime experience and something I will never forget. However, I did realise that the trip doesn't exist anymore, which is a shame, it was absolutely incredible.

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