Learned so much :)

Instruction: 9
Support: 7
Fun: 9
Housing: 5
Value: 7

I booked through SWAP so it was an easy, one payment process. If you want more options I recommend booking directly with Genki as you can choose different lengths of study, program intensity or accommodation and more. The classes are all in Japanese which sounds intimidating but they are well delivered. I had a lot of "a-ha!" moments which made my learning that much more rewarding. I wish I had studied longer than two weeks! By the end I could order most food and ask directions in very simple Japanese. The teachers are very informative and seem excited when asked more in depth questions - they truly want you to learn. The staff is incredibly supportive. Activities, including movie parties, dinners and tours, organized through the school are definitely recommended for those looking to immerse themselves and get the most of their experience in Japan.

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